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project CAPA

October 12, 2000 At 5:15 a.m. EST,

suicide bombers aboard a small craft attacked the USS Cole, resulting in an explosion that tore a gaping hole, 20 feet by 40 feet, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39.


Capa means an invisible security at sea. It protects facilities and power plants on land and at sea against enemy activities. For example: terrorist infiltration, hostile intelligence, guerilla attack.

The Capa, singly or aligned with other units, performs a patrolling activity at its designated sea section (this can be pliantly altered during a mission) or around its designated object (in case of ship defence) in an autonomous way. On detecting hostile activity it reports it, and according to the command it starts its observation, interception or destruction. The Capa, besides being able to execute autonomous and integrated defence tasks, it is also capable of performing or supporting offensive tasks either directly or being integrated to other military units. Its drive is unique, it works through an artificial muscle mechanism and thanks to this its cavitation is minimal. Its shape, size and look is of fish, so it inseparably blends into its sea environment, that way it cannot be detected visually, electromagnatically or by infrared sensor or sonar.

Besides its direct strategic use, later it provides a platform for further, not yet defined usages for example  hydrography intelligence, cargo/ammunition replenishment (seals and landings support), swcc support, rescue missions, recovery missions, humanitarian assistance. techincal and inteligence operational support.

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project MIRAZ

Anti sonar technology

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project TALPO

tunnel reconnaissance and destroyer system

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project SCIPIO

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project SHUK